Saturday, November 26, 2011

Kissing Confusion

When you greet someone in Canada you may wave, shake hands, or maybe even a short hug. International greeting is a little different, especially here on the island where there are over 114 recognized nationalities.

1. Hug then single kiss on the cheek
2. Hug then kiss on each cheek
3. Hug then three alternating cheek kisses

Now here's the problem...everyone does something different and if you do the wrong one it can get awkward and sometimes even insulting. The Dutch do three kisses, the French and many other Europeans do two, and the Latin's do one.

So say you try for three kisses when you were meant only to do one, or maybe stop at two when you were supposed to do three. Then you have the locals who do whatever they feel like. You see how this kind of confusion occurs?

My recommendation? Sorry, I don't have one!!

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